How To Stop The Slice In Golf- Why and How To Fix It

How To Stop The Slice In Golf

What is a Slice? How To Stop The Slice In Golf? A slice occurs when a sidespin is put on the golf ball, causing it to curve right for a right-handed player and left for a left-handed player. The sidespin is brought on by the clubface being open (pointed right) relative to the path the … Read more

How to Putt Better in Golf

How To Putt Better In Golf

The very last thing you need to do when finishing a hole in golf is to sink a putt. Putting is also part of the short game. The other aspects of your short game would include chipping and pitching. The putting stroke is easy to learn and is different from the other swings you will … Read more

Best Golf Swing Training Aids Reviews

Golf Swing Training Aids

In this blog, I will be doing a Best Golf Swing Training Aids Reviews. Hitting the ball further is something that most golfers desire. Golf swing training aids allow golfers to practice on the range and simulate real-life swings for those days when you don’t have time or cannot go to the golf course. They … Read more